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Affordances for states

Published 25 January 2023

This is a list of actions states could take that may be strategically relevant (or consequences or characteristics of possible actions).


  • Regulate (and enforce regulation in their jurisdiction and investigate possible violations)
  • Expropriate property and nationalize companies (in their territory)
  • Perform or fund research (notably including through Manhattan/Apollo-style projects)
  • Acquire capabilities (notably including military and cyber capabilities)
  • Support particular people, companies, or states
  • Disrupt or attack particular people, companies, or states (outside their territory)
  • Affect what other actors believe on the object level
    • Share information
    • Make information salient in a way that predictably affects beliefs
    • Express attitudes that others will follow
  • Negotiate with other actors, or affect other actors' incentives or meta-level beliefs
  • Make agreements with other actors (notably including contracts and treaties)
  • Establish standards, norms, or principles
  • Make unilateral declarations (as an international legal commitment)

Author: Zach Stein-Perlman

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