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The AI Impacts Wiki

The AI Impacts Wiki is a project of AI Impacts. It aims to clearly document what is known so far about the answers to decision-relevant questions about the future of artificial intelligence.


AI Impacts is premised on the idea that there are important questions which people can make progress on answering today, and which have implications for contemporary decisions. For example:

Today, public discussion on these issues appears to be fragmented and of mixed credibility. More credible and clearly reasoned analysis of these issues might help improve estimates of the social returns to AI-related investments, identify neglected research areas, improve policy, or productively channel public interest in AI.

The goal of the project is to clearly present and organize the considerations which inform contemporary views on these and related issues, and to assemble further evidence that might improve our understanding.

The project is organized as a collection of pages concerning particular questions or bodies of evidence, describing what is known and attempting to synthesize a reasonable view in light of available evidence. These posts are intended to be continuously revised in light of outstanding disagreements and to make explicit reference to those disagreements.

The intended audience includes researchers doing work related to artificial intelligence, philanthropists involved in funding research related to artificial intelligence, and policy-makers whose decisions may be influenced by their expectations about artificial intelligence.

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