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How to use the AI Impacts Wiki

Reading the wiki

Good ways to begin include:

  • Browse the front page
  • Use the search box
  • Browse the sitemap

Becoming a wiki editor

This wiki is currently edited by people who work at AI Impacts, and a small set of colleagues who do not. If you would like us to consider adding you as an editor, contact Katja Grace.

Editing the wiki

This section has tips and tricks for using this wiki. If you need additional help, you can contact Ben Weinstein-Raun.

This wiki is an instance of Dokuwiki, and most basic information about it is available as dokuwiki documentation. For example, check out the page on Formatting Syntax.

For technical information about how the wiki is hosted, see Technical Details.

Making a new page

To make a new page:

  1. make a link to the (non-existent) page from elsewhere, as if it did exist. Give it the right place in the hierarchy of categories using colons, e.g. 'speed_of_ai_transition:range_of_human_performance:time_for_ai_to_cross_the_human_range_in_english_draughts' (the 'internal link' button will mostly do this automatically if you search in it for the category immediately above your new page).
  2. Click on the new link. You should get to a page which says that the page does not exist. Click on the 'create this page' icon in the very far right tab (not the emboldened words in the main text).

LaTeX Export

We have installed the “latexport” plugin, to allow you to export the contents of a page as a latex document. You can look at the specifics on that plugin's page, but the simple way to use it is to add &do=export_latexport_tex to the end of a page's URL. This will download a zip file including a file called aaa.tex and any required media files.


You can use markdown instead of dokuwiki syntax by wrapping your content in <markdown>...</markdown> tags. This should also allow you to import pages from tools that can export markdown, like Google Docs.

You can see more information on using markdown, including how to create wiki-internal links, on the plugin documentation page..


you can use mathjax by surrounding math with \( and \): \(3\uparrow\uparrow\uparrow3\). Unfortunately, this doesn't work inside markdown blocks, but it does work with LaTeX export.

Image Boxes

You can put images in boxes by placing them in [ and ]:

[{{:wiki:logo.png?direct|This is the AI Impacts Logo used in the site header.}}]
This is the AI Impacts Logo used in the site header.

This also turns their alt-text into a caption.

Additional Resources

If you're having trouble with something, you might want to check our page on solutions to common problems.

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